Prescott Coffee Roasters : Supplier of Quality Coffee Beans

As you may know, Prescott Coffee Roasters has closed the doors to our retail coffee shop. We appreciate, and will miss, all of our loyal customers as well as the occasional visitor who simply wanted a great cup of coffee.

We might not be retail anymore but that doesn’t mean we are going away.

Prescott Coffee Roasters is still your source for high quality, fresh roasted beans!

In an effort to concentrate on ‘the bean’ we have closed our retail store and now wholesale only. This means you can find our coffee in town at locally owned cafes, bakeries & restaurants. You don’t have to look hard to find us!

We supply our high quality, great tasting coffee to retail cafes, coffee shops, and stores in Prescott, Prescott Valley, and all over Northern Arizona.

Our coffee will be distributed solely through Corvis Distributing to the local shops, allowing me to concentrate on roasting and allowing Corvis to concentrate on taking orders, supplying cafes and maintaining equipment!

Corvis can be reached at 928-778-2699, or stop by for a visit at 9551 E. Lorna Ln in Prescott Valley. If you are new to the area and want to find PCR coffee, they can tell you who is selling it close by where you live.

Are you a local business owner who wants to serve our coffee?

Before we can become partners in coffee you must answer ‘yes’ to these questions-

1. Are you willing to buy and maintain good equipment?

2. Are you willing to WEIGH out the appropriate amount of coffee and grind it prior to brewing?

3. Are you willing to order only what you use each week and dispose of any old unsold coffee?

4. Are you willing to ensure your employees will always be trained to do their coffee duties correctly?

If I sell coffee to you through my distributor then YOU are the final factor in how my coffee is prepared and therefore you are a big part of my public image. We are a team. It’s not difficult to do all this right, it’s simply attention to detail. What makes ‘good coffee’ is strictly opinion, and opinions vary throughout the industry. What we ALL agree on is – you can’t cut corners preparing coffee, doing so ensures a beverage that falls far short of the potentially ‘best cup’ you paid for!

Did you answer yes and understand the last paragraph? Contact me through this site or through our Facebook page.

Thank you for looking us up.

Contact Prescott Coffee Roasters

Richard Gregory
Prescott Coffee Roasters
9551 E. Lorna Ln. Suite A
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Phone: 928-717-0190

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Rain OR snow?Well, *something* is coming tonight. Consider picking up some beans to brew at home just in case there is 9” of snow in your yard tomorrow morning.When making coffee at home be sure to use enough coffee in your coffee- 1/3 cup of coffee for every 18oz of water added to your brew method is a good starting point. Use filtered tap water or geek out on special brew water. Grind it before using if you can, I realize home grinders are a true luxury but they also make every cup so much better. Pangaea Bakery has the largest selections of FTO PCR beans ready to go in sealed bags. Raven Café has their drip, Carlito's Café has a few conventional options, Frannie's - frozen yogurt, ice cream, coffee house and bakery has their beans in bags as well. The Local also has sealed bags with their FTO coffee.Which weather we get should not change whether or not you drink good coffee. Be safe when traveling outside either way.Rain or snow - start your morning on a positive note 🙂 , a good brew at home or at your favorite local spot with company.Thanks again for your continued support,- Richard ... See MoreSee Less
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How important is ‘fresh’ roasted coffee? Also- how long after it has been roasted is still considered ‘fresh?’ Every bag I fill has the date on it for a reason.TL;DR- Sealed bags of whole bean are still very good after a month+, but once the bag is open the clock starts ticking and if you grind the entire bag of coffee it will stale quicker.Fresh is important if you want to get the best flavor from your beans, no one argues that. I feel it is more important the lighter the coffee is roasted. Charcoal flavor doesn’t go stale, but floral & fruity notes can be fleeting. Also- coffee is easier to deal with 4-7 days post roast. Less mess from CO2 escaping when brewed.That said- HOW LONG are we talking? You’ll notice on most of the bulk coffee you can buy in supermarkets the ‘best by‘ date is a year away. I’m very happy with my packaging & valves but 365 days is about 10 or 11 months too long!Currently I’m still making Americanos from coffee roasted 12/22/22 and it is still very good. First- it’s been in whole bean form this entire time. Ground coffee will stale quicker just as sliced bread dries out faster than a loaf. Second- the sealed bags with one way valves will help by not letting oxygen & room air in to stale your beans.Crema on the shots I’ve been enjoying is less after 3+ weeks and I do have to grind finer but the shots are still great. Keep in mind- once you open a sealed bag the clock starts ticking, so use that up in the next week. If you grind a whole pound at a time you’re gonna notice a difference when you get to the bottom of the bag. There are storage containers that allow you to pump air out of them to keep your coffee fresh, I haven’t tried them as grinding right before you brew (any method) lets your coffee stay whole bean longer. I wouldn’t doubt that vacuum storage can help, I don’t know how much. Every time you open the container air gets in and then has to be evacuated. Still, a vacuum container is probably less expensive than a decent grinder. Anyone out there who has tried one of those vacuum containers - please let me know what you think. Buy good coffee, brew it with good water at the right ratio and enjoy it unadulterated. You deserve some quality in your life,- Richard ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy New year to all who celebrate these things!We were at Decanter Tasting Room for dessert and (splitting) a flight of reds when I saw a very well phrased sign- The world is short handed, be kind to those who chose to show up. Something like that, a good reminder to be kind AND to show up 🙂 . That's not coffee related, I wanted to share a well phrased sentiment. Show some love & kindness to those local spots that define your home town.- Richard ... See MoreSee Less
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